Sauce Pairing - Bolognese, Pesto, Carbonara, Marinara 

Tagliatelle comes from tagliare 'to cut'.

This noodle shape hails from the Emilia - Romagna region of Italy. Tagliatelle are one of the most common noodles you'll find throughout Italy due to the ease of it's preparation. 


Sauce Pairing - Duck or Rabbit Ragu, Zucchini and Olive Oil, Marinara

Pappardelle, coming from the root, pappare - means to gobble up. Pappardelle are from the region of Tuscany. Pappardelle are best served with a rich sauce or ragu due to the thickness of the noodles. 


Sauce Pairing - Amatriciana, Garlic and Chili, Cacio e Pepe

Chitarra, literally 'Guitar', is where this noodle gets its name. The tool used to cut this noodle has wires that you press the noodle through to cut it, sometimes needing to run your hand across as if playing a guitar to get the noodles to fall through. 


Sauce Pairing - Lamb Ragu, Tomato and Onion, Artichoke and Peas

Garganelli, from garganel meaning 'esophagus' which this thin, rigid tubular shape resembles.  This shape is formed by wrapping the squares of pasta around a wooden dowel, and rolling them over a pettine(pasta comb) or what we use a Cavarola board to create the ridged impressions on tha pasta.


Sauce Pairing - Porcini and Cream, Pasta e Fagioli, 

Maltagliati means 'Badly Cut'.  Random shapes made by using the ends of the pasta sheet after they have been squared off before cutting and shaping. This pasta was usually gifted to the peasants in Italy.  In honor of that, $1 from every sale will be donated to local food banks. If not purchased all Maltagliati will be donated. 

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